Roulette probabilities – one of the games of chance with the best chance of winning

The term roulette comes from the French and means cog. However, the origin of the popular game of chance is not to be found in france, but in italy in the 17th century. It is still one of the most popular games of chance today and is recognized as such in society. One of the reasons for this is that the house edge in roulette is very low and the large number of betting options and the associated many different chances of winning are a lot of fun. The game offers both gamblers and cautious gamblers the chance to win big. On this page https://roulette77.usyou will find everything about probabilities, strategies, systems and tips for roulette.

Roulette probabilities

Many players are afraid of the topic of roulette probability, but the roulette probabilities are not that difficult to calculate and actually easy to understand. However, it must be noted that the law of large numbers applies to the calculus of probability roulette. This means that the actual frequency approaches the theoretically calculated roulette odds with increasing number of rounds. So in one evening there can be 70x red and 30x black, but over the course of hundreds of evenings the ratio will level off at around 50:50.

Simple chance:

The most popular type of bet in roulette is the one-chance bet. 18 of the 36 numbers plus zero always lead to a win, which results in a 48.6 percent chance of winning with the simple chance. The numbers from 1-36 can be divided into two groups of 18 numbers each in three different ways:

The first type is the color classification in roulette. There are 18 numbers each in red and black in roulette and you can bet on the two colors. The numbers in the cauldron are always alternating red and black, but on the tableau they are arranged randomly, which is due to the fact that the numbers in the cauldron are not arranged in the correct order. When betting on roulette colors, as the term suggests, you have an easy chance. If the ball hits the color that has been selected, the stake is doubled and paid out.

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